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We don’t want to spend a million words (and you don’t want to read a million words) bloviating about how awesome we are, and why you should use us. Suffice it to say, any firm can do the work well. Well…most firms can do the work well. So can we. But we do so much more. Our biggest goal is to make our clients feel that they have gotten a return of investment with us. We want to save you money. We want to help you grow. We want to introduce you to relationships that help you take the next steps for your success. Our mission at Pinkham Tax & Accounting is to provide small business owners with all the tools they need for financial success. We don’t succeed until you succeed.


Nate Pinkham, CPA
President – NP Tax & Accounting

Nate grew up on a hobby farm in a rural area of southwest Wisconsin. Went to college as an Economics major and Finance/Math minor at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, where he also played basketball. After college he married his wife Kylie, moved to the city and has been working in the accounting field ever since. He now has his CPA, his own practice and bookkeeping company, and most importantly, a beautiful daughter and a newborn baby girl.

Contact Nate: email: nate@np-cpa.com direct: 651-888-4051 cell:  651-724-1156


Matt Salisbury

From Rice Lake, Wisconsin, Matt went to college at University of WI – Eau Claire and majored in accounting, graduating in 2012. Matt enjoys the outdoors – golfing, fishing, hunting and spending time with his wife Dani. Matt does a lot of NP’s bookkeeping and individual tax returns. He now lives a mile from the office in Maplewood, MN.

Contact Matt: email: matt@np-cpa.com direct: 651-888-4052


Pat Whitney
Administrative Assistant

Pat grew up in St. Paul, MN, graduated from the University of Minnesota, and has lived in the area since. She has two beautiful daughters Kristina and Stacy. Stacy lives in the area and Kristina now lives in Arizona with her husband and newborn daughter. Pat is beyond excited now that she is a grandma and absolutely loves her granddaughter Madison. Pat has worked in the customer service field for many many years and now helps Nate and the rest of team stay sane and on track. In her free time she enjoys trips to Arizona to visit Madison, going out to dinner with friends, and taking walks.

Contact Pat: email: pat@np-cpa.com direct: 651-888-4053