Featured Client: NADA GLOBAL

Spreading The Love

“We have had three accountants in the last 11 years of our business. The first one was pretty good, although once we got the second one; we realized the first one was not doing their job properly. Then we got another accountant through a recommendation and they ended up destroying us. We lost tens of thousands of dollars. This person worked for another organization. Nate Pinkham, NP Tax & Accounting, bought this organization and absorbed all of their clients right about the time when I was ready to find a new accountant anyway. I said to Nate, ‘Listen, it can’t get any worse, and I’ll work with you, but here are the problems and all the issues.’ And he listened. We talked through things for a couple hours. That was my first impression of Nate. He actually listens to his clients. He talked to me. No other accountant has ever talked to me like that in 11 years, other than just giving me quick fixes to the issues. He listened to me to get to the root of the problem.

Nate then went through all of my books, cleaned them up, found hundreds of errors, and redid my yearly taxes for one year – after I already submitted them – and ended up saving me thousands of dollars. Then he told me about all the other services that, not only he could perform, but wanted to perform for NADA GLOBAL. I said to him ‘You know what Nate? You are doing what I want to do for other companies. You take care of your business and let us take care of your marketing, design and strategy. I hate, dislike, do not understand, and for some reason will never wrap my brain around taxes. Please take it over.’ And he did. And now he does my monthly, communicates with me on weekly, and takes care of my yearly taxes. He’s already had a preliminary tax planning session with me for the long term and we will have a secondary session after April 15th. The next step will be bringing him in to take over my billing. He is a full service tax accounting firm. Just like NADA wants to become your “in-house” agency, even though we wouldn’t be physically in-house, Nate is my “in-house” tax accountant even though he’s his own entity. It’s beautiful.”

– Daniel Williams-Goldberg, Founder/CEO NADA GLOBAL